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Before you send us an e-mail asking for pricing on our display cases we ask you to keep the following in mind. Making the display cases is a very time consuming process and everything is done by hand. We can not profit from economies of scale. The precious metals alone are worth around $ 300,-. The metal prices on the market are based on the purchase of large quantities. Tiny ampoules with elements such as liquid Xenon, Chlorine and Bromine are expensive to make. Not to mention the hours spend to design the case, search for element samples and preparing the vials.

The Stardust Element display case is an extremely unique product that is likely to become a collector’s item as the availability of some elements becomes less and less. The Stardust Element set is NOT a toy, but a valuable educational tool and a unique collection. Please, check the display case page with prices first before asking us to send you information and never to hear from you again.

Periodic table mousepad

This handy and colorfull periodic table mousepad is for sale for € 10,-. When you purchase our element case, provide us with good feedback, inform us about serious potential customers, give us valuable information about element suppliers, include a link to our website, we will send you one for free. Please, subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you informed.

Thank you!

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Stardust Elements is based in The Netherlands. You can contact us in english, german or dutch and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

E-mail : info@stardustelements.com

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